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Redefining computing

by democratising cloud.

What we doEnabling computing freedom.
At Neverinstall, we are developing next-generation personal cloud computers to change the way you work on machines.We are bringing your applications where you need them, when you need them, and how you need them.
How did we come this far?
2001Music StreamingThe launch of Napster introduced a new way of content delivery, building the foundations of streaming.
2005Video StreamingYouTube exposed us to video streaming and enabled us to consume heavy media content without downloading.
2006Productivity on webGoogle brought Docs, a professional word processor, and introduced real-time collaboration through internet browsers.
2019Streaming GamesGoogle announced a cloud gaming service Stadia in 2019, allowing users to stream resource intensive games and offload extensive hardware requirements to the cloud.
2020App Streaming - performance for all.Almost all software is being transformed by the cloud and powerful modern browsers. At neversinstall we are building a platform that will transform any graphical application into a web app. Regardless of the device, users will be able to run their favorite applications without downloading or installing anything on their devices.
Neverinstall is bringing a paradigm shift.
Hardware Limitations
Traditionally, desktop applications restrict you to a physical environment for the intended usage and optimal performance; while requiring regular upgrades and maintenance. We are democratizing access to the software by bringing desktop-class apps to your browser with a native experience, making workflows more flexible, and introducing an upgrade that lasts forever.
Real-time Collaboration
In a world brought closer by the internet, we are leveraging the cloud to change the way teams collaborate. We help accelerate development and enhance productivity by bringing real-time collaboration to desktops over the cloud. We allow users to share their workspaces with team members and make concurrent contributions, without delays.
At Neverinstall, we intend to emancipate software from machines and introduce universal access to applications. We are detaching software from physical environments and delivering the native computing experience through the cloud. We enable access to high-performance desktops on any device, from any location, through the internet browser.
Privacy & Security
At Neverinstall, data privacy and security are our top priorities. We abide by the most stringent of standards to ensure that our user's data is always protected, used as intended, and never shared with any third parties.
In the news
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