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At Neverinstall, we are focusing on breaking barriers between operating systems and devices. We're developing technology that allows you to run applications directly from your browser without having to download them.

Let us take you on a tour over the last two decades of desktop computing!

Music Streaming
The first streaming music service was Napster and it was shut down by the courts fairly quickly. But it paved the way for other services to flourish. Nowadays, we have streaming services like Spotify and Apple music. The history of streaming outdates even the history of the mp3.
Video Streaming
When Youtube first came out in 2005, it started as a small video website that gave people a place to upload their homemade videos. It was a nice way for people to get started in videography, and it even helped many aspiring youtube stars come to fame. Because of its massive popularity, Youtube changed the way people consume video content, and it even became a platform for many different types of videos.
Docs on cloud
Browser-based text editors such as Google Docs introduced cloud collaboration. In the past, one would need to install specialized software to edit documents from remote servers. The software would also have a version control system, but it was still cumbersome. The popularity of browser-based text editors and cloud collaboration has changed all of that.
Game Streaming
When Google announced its launch of Stadia, everyone including us was excited about how this could change the way we play AAA-rated games. What would be the future of desktop and console gaming? Cloud gaming is picking up and we believe it will be a huge impact on the gaming industry.
App Streaming is the way of the future.
As almost all software is being transformed by cloud and powerful modern browsers, we're building neverinstall that will transform any graphical application into a web app. So no matter what device users are on, they will be able to use their favourite applications without installing anything on their devices.

Problems we are trying to solve

Hardware Limitations
As software becomes more resource-heavy, users often need to make the decision on whether to upgrade their devices or seek out a new one. This is expensive and wasteful. However, through the use of elastic remote workspaces, you can now access resources such as CPU and memory whenever you want rather than purchasing expensive new devices for each application they want to install.
Real-time Collaboration
Conventional desktop applications mean you’re locked into an environment where you use their tool just the way they intended. That sounds a bit frustrating, doesn't it? But that's not how the web works - here, we're trying to provide freedom to our users and allow them to use apps any way they want to! By bringing these applications to the web, we're able to bring more flexibility into your workflow, because now you are no longer tied down to desktop apps.
A lot of apps today are not only limited to the devices they were originally made for but can often be hard to get on other devices. This is a big problem that breaks your flow when you are on another computer or system. We solve this by bringing these apps to your web browser and make them truly accessible from any device or OS.
Privacy & Security
Neverinstall ensures that your personal data is protected and never shared with third parties. The app makes sure that all data is deleted after every session is over. It also protects your privacy, so that you never share anything that you don't want to.
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