Uninterrupted education for every student, everywhere

Deliver a power-packed online learning experience to students, accessible from anywhere
Easy to manage virtual learning environments
Private and secure
Enabling educators to teach, experiment, and deliver knowledge by easily setting up highly secure cloud labs.
Scalable resources
Access scalable infrastructure to run leading applications and always have resources for educators.
Pre-equipped workspaces
Set up and deploy systems for educators with pre-installed and pre-configured apps – without ITOps dependencies.
Learn without constraints
Give students access to online lessons or heavy-duty apps on any device without upgrading or renewing their machines.
Pre-installed & pre-configured apps
Instant access to industry-grade software with superior performance and a native experience for improved learning.
Faster browsing speed
Give students access to faster internet at up to 2 Gbps for research, streaming lessons, or experimenting without delays.
Enhanced learning systems for every studentDeliver excellent learning content through powerful personal computers and augment learning experiences for all your students
User Testimonials
Supercharge your cloud now!Neverinstall streams your favourite apps in an unequalled personal cloud computer with unlimited memory, powerful compute features and native like experience.
Coming up next - BYOCGet absolute control over your apps and data with Bring Your Own Cloud, and integrate Neverinstall with your existing or chosen cloud infrastructure.To learn more, contact us at [email protected]
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