Frequently Asked Questions

What is a space?
A space is a collection of pre-selected & pre-installed apps that is accessed at any given point of time.
Can I create and run multiple spaces at a time?
Users can create and run multiple spaces by availing the premium plan.
What is max session duration?
Session duration is the maximum continuous duration the machine would be running since it was started. i.e. 6 hours in premium plan.. The spaces would be auto-paused after the session duration but users can immediately resume it back.
Can I upgrade my workspace created using the free plan?
Yes, if you would like to upgrade your running workspace to a higher configuration without losing data, you can head to the plans section and upgrade to a premium plan.
Can I move hours belonging to a free plan to a paid plan?
No, you cannot.
What do users get on a premium plan?
Users get high configurations - 6vCPU compute, 12GB RAM & 50 GB storage. They can also collaborate with 8 users simultaneously with unrestricted access to all servers and devices.
What happens while my space is running and it reached max session duration limit?
Your space will be paused automatically . If you are on premium plan all your data will be saved. However, in free plan the data will not be saved.
Can I leave my space open for however long I want?
There will be no interruptions at any point. However, your space will be paused automatically after 3 minutes in free plan & after 30 minutes of inactivity in premium plan. This is to ensure you don’t lose hours.
How can I collaborate in my space?
You can invite users to your spaces to collaborate on your project. All you have to do is enter their email address. You get an experience similar to google docs etc
Can I remove users from my space?
Yes, you can remove users from your space at any point in time.
What is the minimum internet speed you require to run these apps?
Mininum internet speed you require would be 10-15mbps. The platform has adaptive streaming , The resolution changes based on your network speed. Higher the speed better resolution and no latency.
Why is my space resolution low?
The platform has an adaptive streaming feature that checks your internet speed every 30 mins, If your internet speed is above 10 Mbps you should see a higher bit rate and better resolution.
Why is my space not loading?
Please make sure to have an internet speed above 10mbps for ideal experience, disable your adblockers and browser pop-up settings if enabled. Try reloading the page, if still the issue persists, send us a message through support channels.
What is the workspace configuration in the free plan?
Workspaces by default are of 1vCPU compute, 3GB memory, and 10GB storage.
What is a free plan?
A free plan is the default plan all users are given when they sign in to the platform. Currently, users get 5 hours of total usage time as part of the free plan.
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