Year in Review 2022

2022 was exhilarating for us. We grew, we evolved, and we challenged ourselves. Now, we look back at everything we’ve accomplished this past year and put everything into perspective.
We started Neverinstall as an online developer workspace two years ago. After countless hours of rigorous development and testing, 16 team members, and users spending 30 million minutes on the platform, we share our journey with you.

We are Neverinstall, and here is our Year in Review, 2022!

Our ethos
Cloud Democracy

We are striving to make performance computing affordable. We are democratizing the cloud for everyone to leverage its capabilities and help deliver the best of software to every user through regardless of their device's capabilities

Transparent Computing

We are enabling users to break out of the bounds of their local machine. We are committed to delivering more control and freedom to users to enable native computing over the cloud.

Software Ease

We're helping people around the world easily access software by making desktop-class applications available through a browser on any device, anytime and anywhere. Our platform simplifies access for everyone.

Milestones we have accomplished

We have been working relentlessly to deliver an outstanding personal cloud computing experience to our users, adding new functionality, elements, and capabilities to the platform.

Here are some milestones our team achieved this year and our users loved!

SpacesWe realized that software cannot exist in isolation and decided to enable access to multiple applications in the same personal cloud computer. So we introduced Spaces to allow users to create custom cloud computers with multiple pre-installed and pre-configured applications. The multi-app functionality brought the platform closer to native computing and made it a viable substitute for local machines.
Transitory PageIn the past, when users launched an app on our platform, we noticed that they were left in the dark while the app was being configured. They couldn't get much information during this process, which was a problem for us. So, we took action and introduced a new transitory page. This page provides users with a detailed overview of the app's status, the resources allocated to them, usage statistics, and more.
Transitory Page
A native OSWhen we first launched the platform, users were limited to only using the application itself. They couldn't access the Linux operating system, system controls, or terminal. However, we quickly realized that this was not enough. Our users needed more control and the ability to use the platform in a way similar to a native Linux OS. So, we took action and enabled native access to the terminal, folders, and the entire Linux operating system (Debian with XFCE). This gave our users more power and flexibility, and we're confident that it's made for a better experience overall
A native OS
Subscription plansDuring the initial days of the platform, we kept it free to use for everyone through a default Free plan. However, we wanted to open up the platform to power users for a better computing experience. So, we launched our subscription plans to support high-performance computing. Apart from the pre-existing free tier, we added two new plans to the roster—Standard and Premium.
Subscription plans
B2BThis year we launched a new offering for business users. Through our Business Solutions offering, we aim to provide powerful, scalable and collaborative cloud PCs to small and medium businesses. We offer solutions for four categories currently –
New ServersOur users are located all around the world, and we want to provide them with consistent, top-quality performance no matter where they are. That's why we've made it a priority to increase the number of servers we have available. This year, we've increased our total number of servers to 11 regions in order to improve availability and reduce latency. This is just the beginning, however. We have even grander plans for the future, as we strive to deliver the best possible experience to every one of our users, no matter where they are located.
New Servers
AccoladesWe are so proud and grateful for the love and support our community has shown us this past year. Their appreciation for the platform has helped us win multiple awards and achievements, and gain recognition in the industry. We are truly humbled by the level of support we have received and we cannot thank our community enough for their continued loyalty and dedication.
Listening to our usersOur users’ feedback is precious to us in our bid to make the platform more user-friendly. Consequently, we ensure that we are addressing concerns and requests from our users to help them get the most out of the platform. Here are some features and applications we released on popular demand this past year and how much our users used them!
User AcquisitionAt Neverinstall, we believe in the power of community and the value of strong relationships. That's why we've always focused on developing a supportive community that helps us and supports the platform's development. From the very beginning, we've relied on word of mouth for awareness and acquisition. As a result, almost two-thirds of the traffic on our platform is direct, and the bulk of the remaining is organic. This shows that we have a massive base of regular users who are loyal to our product and committed to our growth philosophy.
User growthWe are so excited to share that our community of users has always been our biggest advocates, with the platform acquiring over 100,000 users in just three months of its launch. And we didn't stop there! In 2022, the total number of registered users on the platform more than doubled, with over 200,000 new users joining the platform. This brings the total number of users on the platform to more than 350,000! We are thrilled by this growth and can't wait to see what the future holds.
User's Age DistributionNeverinstall was designed to serve a wide range of user groups and improve their computing experience. Our platform is particularly popular among younger demographics, with almost half of our users being young adults. However, we also receive traffic from users of all ages. Our goal is to provide value to every user, no matter their age or background.
Where do our users come from?Neverinstall is a global phenomenon, empowering people everywhere with powerful computing capabilities. We have recorded user traffic from 195 countries across the globe, from the most remote and challenging locations to the most bustling metropolises. Our platform is truly reaching every corner of the world and delivering powerful computing to everyone.
The machine of choiceOur platform is designed to be accessible through any device that supports an internet browser, with the goal of extending accessibility to as many users as possible. We are pleased to report that we have seen more than one-fifth of our users accessing Neverinstall through their mobile phones and about one in seven users accessing the platform through tablets.
How much time do users spend?Most of our users spend up to 2 hours per day on the platform, with about seven percent spending two to five hours every day. Notably, one in ten users spends more than 5 hours at a stretch!
The favorites

Neverinstall brings limitless possibilities to our users. We noted that every single application, extension, and server location was used by our users—delivering a relevant use case for all our users.

Therefore, we wanted to share insights on how our users work on the platform and what their favorites are!

Top 10 apps launchedBrowsers were the most popular category, while Chrome was the most used application on the platform, with almost 75% of all users using it!
Top 10 extensions addedAdblockers remained the most popular extension on the platform, with development extensions closely following.
Top 10 spaces createdChrome and Spotify were the most popular Space created on the platform, with most users adding Chrome to their Spaces as a standard.
The 5 server locations accessedCalifornia was the most sought-after server on the platform, with Pune closely following. Overall, we noted a significant number of users launching Spaces on all our servers.
RoadmapThe year ahead will bring exciting new changes to the platform. While there’s a lot in the pipeline, here are some updates we plan to bring to the platform in 2023.
Thank You 🙌

We are grateful for the support of our users and the team, and we thank everyone who helped us get this far

We look forward to delivering more value to the Neverinstall community next year!

Neverinstall Inc. 2024