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"I have tried out quite a few, and this feel the closest to using a native application by a mile."


Anuruddh Mishra

Founder at Beyond

"Neverinstall is fantastic! I work on Pion/WebRTC and this is something I have wanted to see for a long time."


Sean Dubois

Founder at Pion

"This is awesome. Will be very useful for my design workflow on my tablet devices."


Shirish Shikhrakar

Chief Creative Officer at Programiz

"I am using neverinstall every day to open 100 of tabs on chrome on my m1 MacBook."


Athul Suresh

Founder at EmailKick

"Great Idea, taking into account old laptops and the need to buy new ones to run ups, upgrade storage, and all that this one is a brilliant solution."


Vladimir Tepordei

QA Lead at Agile Partners

"Damn, this is exciting stuff! Do not think I will be looking out for a new laptop anytime soon now."


Rishank Pander

CEO at WorkDuck

"This is awesome! Hate having to download apps for this and that. Solves a huge inconvenience."


Conor Jewiss

Tech Journalist

Frequently asked questions

We run operating systems in cloud-native environments with virtual displays, streaming video directly to browsers as the user's input context (mouse, keyboard, etc.) is forwarded to these virtual desktops in near real-time. This allows for centralized management, enhanced security, and seamless access to flexible hardware from anywhere, simplifying how we work and collaborate.

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