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Neverinstall supercharges your favorite apps with lightning-fast internet speeds and powerful computing.


Your browser is the new

operating system

Code fast,


Truly coding, nothing else.

Tired of seeing your computer screen freeze while coding? Neverinstall lets you run leading developer apps such as Android Studio and VS Code in the cloud.

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Browse at

upto 2Gbps.

Boost your browsers.

Neverinstall elevates your browsing experience, letting you cruise through websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon with speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

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Productivity made

more productive.

Your tools. Buffed up and swole.

With Neverinstall, you can run Slack, Telegram, and Discord seamlessly, without halting a vital conversation, community outreach, or business meeting. Ever.

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Designing is now

easier than ever.

Creativity on the go.

Trying to find a way to run design apps that your computer can’t handle? Neverinstall lets you work with leading design tools, delivering a native experience and fast rendering speeds.

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Change the way you run apps.
Experience apps like never before with lightning-fast speeds and superior lag-free performance right from a browser on any device!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Neverinstall work?
We run these applications in cloud-native environments with virtual displays, streaming video directly to browsers as the user's input context (mouse, keyboard, etc.) is forwarded to these applications in near real-time.
What is Neverinstall?
Neverinstall is a cloud platform that allows you to run any application from the browser without installing it on your device. It is an alternative to traditional desktop application usage and enables people to stream applications over the web.
We are developing a next-generation cloud platform to bring any GUI (Graphical User Interface) application regardless of the operating system, device, and system requirements to the browser.
Our goal is to bring a fundamental shift in the way we use applications eliminating the limitations of hardware and making them truly accessible from anywhere.
What kind of internet speed do I need?
To run apps on Neverinstall, a minimum internet speed of 4 Mbps (10 Mbps recommended) is required. We are working hard to bring that further down as we improve our streaming capabilities.
How long can I use this?
Neverinstall offers free trials, during the trials users would get a continuous session duration of 1 hour with unlimited usage time to access all of the platform's free apps, as well as 1vCPU and 3GB RAM.
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